About me

Hi guys! This year, I’m 14 years old!

Where do you live: Singapore

What’s your height: 157cm currently (I’m a shortie)

What’s your zodiac sign: Capricorn 🌚

What’s your Favourite band: BTS (bangtan sonyeondan)

How many best friends do you have: 2?

What’s your favourite animal: I don’t really have a fav animal lol

Morning or Night person: both? I like to get up early in the morning to study and sleep late cuz why not lol

Do you have a Boyfriend: I’m single but not available

What makes you want to blog: Well, I really want to show my opinions and tell my stories to everyone. Hopefully I can blog better by designing my website properly

how are you coping in school?: fine, not bad

Coffee or tea: I don’t really have a preference but if I must then coffee like mocha

Messy or neat: both

first kiss?: it was 2 years ago, 2016.

teddy bears or dolls?: bear bear 💖

what kind of boys do you like: someone who accepts me the way I am, someone who respects me and everyone else no matter what their status is. Yeah idk what else lol

Do you play an musical instrument: Yes, I play the piano

active on social media?: not really, I’m online most of the time but I don’t post that often