10 Ways To Make a Relationship Last

By relationship, I mean the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship but I think this can be applied to any relationship. Since I’m in a relationship, I think I can learn from this as well. And most people are in a relationship. Okay, let’s start now. LOL. And some of the things I say are just my opinions 🙂

1. Do not go out every day.

This might be the  stupidest things I have ever advised to anyone, do not go out frequently. By doing this, you allow your boyfriend to crave you, to miss you. Miss you so much that he wants to be with you every day. BUT PLEASE DON’T. If t
his doesn’t make any sense then here is an example for you. For instance, you eat McDonald’s fish burger every day and one day you just got tired of it and left it for a cheeseburger. It’s like you’re always with your current boyfriend and one day you just got tired of him and start to lose feelings for him and you leave him for another guy. This is what I mean by do not go out every day. Maybe like once every one or two weeks? And that way you can have more things to talk about. Hehe!

2. Be willing to accept your love’s imperfections.

If you think that your boyfriend is totally perfect, nothing is wrong with him, you are so wrong. (Sowwy) That is not what we call love, that is what we call infatuation. Infatuation is basically false love and it is short-lived. In other words, It’s crushing on someone that you think that girl or guy is totally perfect. Everybody has its own weaknesses, you can’t just assume that he is your guy, you are going to marry him, no. Before you marry him or her, you have to understand each other’s imperfections. My BF is easily irritated and I don’t like it but he can’t help it and I just try to adapt to it. And sometimes he can’t handle my adorableness. LOL. But he is cute <3.

3. Be yourself towards your love.

I know this is like the most cliched tip but really, this tip is really important. Sometimes you just want to act perfect towards your boyfriend or girlfriend and I promise, you will get tired of acting in front of your love. Trust me. (I sound like an idiot HAHA) I mean just imagine that you are with your boyfriend and you are trying to act like his ideal girlfriend which you somehow, not really fond of it. Like, your BF or GF wants a girl or boy who can speak  perfect English, and you can’t. And you’re just like trying to correct yourself mentally every time before you say it aloud. I don’t like that. I like mixing languages together. So just be yourself and get comfortable.

4. Respect him/her.

Nobody wants a boyfriend or a girlfriend who won’t respect alone time or space or whatever you think. Love is all about respect and trust so if you don’t respect him or her, then I think your relationship is probably going to fall out any moment. (Sowwy) Okay ,sometimes you contradict to his opinions towards something like… a sofa. ( I don’t know what else can I think of, it’s just so random.) You think that the sofa is beautiful, but your boyfriend or girlfriend thinks that the sofa is not appealing to him or her. Maybe ask him or her why before opposing to his or her opinions gently. Never be harsh to your love, unless you are really angry at him.

5. Be compassionate to each other.

Do you want a BF or GF who doesn’t care what is going on with your life? Nobody wants that! Okay maybe some but most of us don’t. You have to care for your love or otherwise the other party would start to dislike it if you do it for a few times. And that’s a bad thing. Care for each other, if your love is hurt emotionally, comfort him or her.  If it is your anniversary, give your love a surprise and show him or her that you really care about him or her and your relationship.

6. Do something fun together!

This is the fun part guys! Doing something fun together can build your bond. Like… cooking? Well, it’s experimenting. LOL. Just do something fun together, unless your love doesn’t want to. But I advise you to do this. Take it as a date yeah? I would be sooooooooo happy if my boyfriend would take me to the SPCA or the zoo and during your fun date you can just raise up anything to talk. LOL.

7. Money doesn’t contribute to happiness.

Happiness is priceless and money can’t buy happiness. That’s what everybody said. However much money you have, whether you’re rich or poor, you still can love. Everybody knows what love is. So you might as well take a day off and spend some time with your GF or BF and stop working hard for once. Just for once, I think your love would appreciate that a lot if you stop working hard just for him or her. You will just be able to buy more gifts for you love but there is no gift that is compatible with the action ‘LOVE’

8. Forgive.

After every mistake your love did, just forgive him or he and let her change for the better. Just put the past behind the two of you and then everything is settled, don’t let bad history affect your relationship, BECAUSE IT’S OVER, IT HAD ALREADY HAPPENED. Like, I don’t hold a grudge on my baby every time. If he offends me,  I will just act cute and smile, unwillingly HAHA. But he is really too cute.

9. Fall in love over and over again.

This trick is to make sure that you are always in love with your love. Think the best of him her, how beautiful her/ his personality is or how adorable he or she is… Just think about everything of him or her, except those bad ones. Keep falling in love with him or her until your next life.

And finally, the last tip is…

10. Never give up on your relationship.images

Don’t give up on it, everything has it’s own usage and potential. Now I am telling you that your relationship has potential, it’s just that you and your love is not working hard about revealing it. Keep working on your relationship, work it out until your next lives. Work it until the both can’t live without each other.

Everyone of you has a soulmate. Every single one of you is destined to someone. Trust me. Keep looking for him or her, he or she is out there and they maybe looking out for you too.

Well, these tips are just my opinions and I hope they might help ( And I’m sorry if it didn’t work out)

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