Diary #3 |Love of my life

Before you read it, I want every human who is reading this to know that it is called a Diary. If you read it, do not tell me, cause I don’t want to know your own thoughts about what you think about my blog post or whatever stuff. There is a reason why it is called a Diary. It’s for myself to write and I do this online…

By the way, most of my blog post contains vulgarity words… Now read…

I obviously know that I have been away for like 5-6 months, I don’t know, because my PSLE have just ended and now I’m feeling super bored right now. And now, I found the love of my life. I KNOW THAT I’M TOO YOUNG FOR LOVE BUT I DO

I’m in love!

N’T CARE. It’s quite foolish of me that I’m in a relationship right now, first kiss, first hug first whatever except for sex. LOL. We just had a date a few days ago (please check the date that I have uploaded this blog post) And it was magical. He brought to a restaurant for lunch and then a movie and then we went home, and of course he called me when he was on the way to his home.


We facetime a lot, and I have no idea when did I first met him (I’m such a bitch) But anyways, he is a really nice boy and I told my PARENTS ABOUT IT. THEY WERE SO MAD WHEN I WENT OUT WITH HIM 😥 But I don’t care. It’s my life, It’s my dream so PFFT, I don’t care. But I promise that I will still work hard for my studies, and for him :). I met his mum already (Why have I met his mum when I’m only fucking 12? Oh well, society is getting corrupted. People who are 13 may look like 18. Well I’m 12 and people kept saying that I look like 16 or whatever age. BLEH HAHA)

He is also coming to meet my parents as well to approve that both of us can hang out together. And I think that my parents want to see HIS PARENTS. Honestly, it feels like I’m meeting my future in-laws. AHHHHHH. And my prince is like one head taller than me, WTF.

But of course, I have to focus on my studies, he has to focus on his studies. He wants me to go to a girls’ school so that I won’t fall in love with anybody else but him. JELLY BOY HAHA. I love him, he loves me too. He claims that he is going to marry me in the future, and he says that he will make it happen. Yesterday, he somehow talked to my mother and he told her that he was going to get McDonald’s and my mum was like WTF.  I seriously want to be with him. Okay now I sound like a fucking slut, I feel like everytime I say that, I would feel like I need a man in my life, I really need a man in my life. Well it’s true but all I want is a man that I can relate and have camaraderie with, not really a boyfriend but whatever, I have one now. Now I’m going to get girlfriends HAHA

I will tell you more about the both of us next time, when great drama happens, hehe.

And I really need to get on with my beauty shit stuff though. But my mum won’t let me buy beauty stuff. My boyfriend could! HAHA JK, please don’t. Muah~

Okay since I have lots of time, I can write more blog posts in the future! But I seriously don’t know what to write other than diaries, beauty and other girl related stuff. I don’t even have a camera. It’s okay, I’m going to ask my mum to buy one for me hehe.

Okay I will write again next time, cya MUAH~.


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