Book Overload!!!

Okay guys, I’m actually a book worm. Yes I am and I actually do not borrow books from the library because some books that I want to borrow or like, not in the best condition that I want and I have to travel a very long distance. Normally, what I read is romance and Shakespears’ books. Romeo and Juliet is my favourite book at the moment.

To be honest with you, I have over 50 books in my book shelf. I know it is not a lot for book worms but I just have these 50 over books. But I don’t know whether I actually have a 100 books or more. Fun fact about me! I read one book a day, by one book I mean that one book has at most 500 pages.

Enough with the talking, let’s just move on to the book haul! And I would be uploading a video about this next year, January.

1. How To Say I Love You Out Loud

2016 - 1
Picture of cover

This is  ‘How To Say I Love You’ By Karole Cozzo. I extremely love this book, it actually describes about boyfriend-girlfriend relationships and on the other hand, sibling relationship. This reason I love this book is because not only the book cover, but also that this girl in the story was actually brave enough to tell everyone that she loves her autistic brother. I am not going to be a spoiler guys!

I went to Popular Bookstore to buy this book, in fact all the books actually, and it cost about $16 or $17. I don’t have the book with me now because I lent it to one of my friends who is really really very smart.

US price: $9.99 CAN: $11.50 Click here to purchase this book if you want or you can go to the bottom of this blog post and just click on the title if that makes it neater for you. Moving on…

2. Love Letters To The Dead

2016 - 1-1

This book actually captivated me, the cover, it is really beautiful. I bought it, but before I bought it, I saw this book and I was like, I am definitely buying this book! But, I kept forgetting to ask my mum to buy this book for me. ‘Love Letters To The Dead’ is written by Ava Dellaira. Beautifully written by her, I love this book. If you buy this book, it is actually in the letter form, informal letter form. As this girl in the story writes her letters to Jim Morrison and some other famous people, she tells her love life and her story.

This is also about love life and siblings but it is about a sister, not a brother. I think this story is great, it actually choked me up. I love it when she writes about the memories she and her sister spent. It is amazing check it out!

US: $9.99 CAN: $11.50. Click here to purchase the book or go to the bottom of the blog post  and click the title to buy the book. It is amazing, this is a must for me to buy it.

3. Struck

2016 - 1-2


This book is special to me, it is really thick as it has three parts, you heard me right, three parts. To be honest, I am in love with the cover. The three parts of the book are at the bottom right hand corner.

This book is about a girl who is accepted to be a cupid, not cupid but a cupid. A modern cupid, by email. I think, I have not read this book for a very long time! Cupids are not meant to be in love, they are never in love. But this girl was in love with a boy who sounds handsome to me, LOL, anyway, she is in love with this boy but she can’t be in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

It takes place in school life.

This book cost $9.99 in the US and $12.99 in CAN. I bought this book for $15.80 from popular book store Singapore.

4. The Heartbreakers

2016 - 1-3


This book is actually originated and publish from wattpad! Can you imagine that?! Wattpad is actually a ebook app where you can add books to your own library, upload your own books. It is amazing! Click here to create your own account today!

P.S. Add me on wattpad! [cookielove1D] the one with the girl in black filter!

Anyway back to this, this book is great for girls who want to experience what is like to have a pop star boyfriend, like me. I will always imagine the male lead of this book is Niall Horan, I am in love with One Direction!!!

So this girl in the book has a sick sister? Triplets. And her sister loves The Heartbreakers. I have such a hard time explaining this, this is about a BOY falling in love with a GIRL, or the other way round, I have not read this book in months… Anyway this book is incredible, buy this book!

This book cost $9.99 in the US and $6.99 in the UK. I bought this book for $15.52 from Popular Bookstore Singapore, call me a b*tch but I spend my mother’s money. I do not go to the libraries though…

5. Velvet

2016 - 1-5

This book is only for girls or gays? who loves vampires, who on earth does not? C’mon the Twilight Breaking Dawn is such a big hit in the movies, I still can’t get it out of my mind! I love the couple, Edward and Bella.

Anyway, this is a school life book, vampires. I always believe that I am a vampire, because I drank my blood before *laughing* I am planning to get fangs! But my mother finds that creepy so she does not allow me to. So this book is about a girl, falling with a boy who sounds like a handsome boy, Adrain. He is SO dominate!!! .

There is nothing much to describe about this book but this book is amazing, my friend loves this book, a lot.

This book cost $9.99 in the US and $11.50 in CAN. I bought this book for $16.91 from Popular Bookstore Singapore.

6. Romeo and Juliet


Now I may be just 12 years old, but I am in love with this book, even though I don’t understand it completely.

This is the play version of Romeo and Juliet, I have Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Shakespeare the Great. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy, so they both commit suicide in the end, but at least they have each other to die with. I would die alone most likely.

Forever Alone…

Anyway, I bought this online so I don’t really know the price, my mum bought it for me. So I don’t know the price, sorry!

7.The Kiss

2016 - 1-4

This book is for geek girls only! Just kidding, anybody can read it, but I am a geek girl.

I have completely forgotten about this book content, but maybe I will try and sum up.

This book is about a girl who pass the aphrodite’s kiss to someone name Violet? Oh wait, it’s Gem. I think? OMG I’m so mixed up right now. I can’t think anymore, I am so SORRY!!!

I do not the dollar sign for US or UK or CAN, but they just said $6.99. I bought this book $17.95 from Popular Bookstore Singapore.

Okay so that is the end with my books overload, sorry it took quite long because I needed to take the pictures.

So the links!

How To Say I Love You Out Loud

Love Letters To The Dead


The Heartbreakers


Romeo and Juliet

The Kiss

Thank you so much for reading my blog post! I am really grateful! Make sure to reblog, like, follow and comment!


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