Beauty Products Review!!!

So recently I bought these 3 beauty product items and all are bought from Guardian Singapore. [ A drugstore] 2 of them are hair products and other
one is for the face and neck. I’m not sponsored by these companies. [ I wish I was and I can get paid at a young age]

so the first one…

Essential CC oil

2016 - 1-2

Rating: 4/5 stars

This is one of the hair products. It is a hair mask. When I was actually preparing to go out, I took a look at my hair, hair strands was all standing up. So I decided to put some water on my hair when my maid (I have a maid) ask me, “What are you doing?” in a clown tone. I don’t know if it is a clown tone but it sounds like a clown to me. I told her that I was putting water on my hair. And the next thing she did was to let me use this Essential CC oil. She told me, “Use this, it will make your hair shiny.”

I used it and at first I said to myself that it was very oily. And I asked myself, does it affect my hands? Will my hands get rougher? I have been trying this for 2 months or so now and nothing happened, it just makes my hair shine. But it can be a little dangerous at the same time.

I bought this at Guardian Singapore, price is $11.90. If you wish to purchase this, click here and you would be redirected to that page.

When use, just apply it on the surface [Well I apply it on the surface]. After use, cover the cap and wash your hands with soap throughly and you are ready to go!

Why did I give this product 4 stars instead of 5? Well because it is really oily and it does not make your hair shine permanently. I didn’t know it was just a hair mask and I thought that the hair mask actually lets your hair shine.

On to the next product!

TK Follicle Shield

2016 - 1-1

 Rating: 4/5 stars.

This bottle is also a hair product. Basically you just spray it on the parting of your hair. This is from TK [TrichoKare] Follicle Shield.

My mum gave this bottle to me when she saw my hair parting, it was really long, she said. It was this year she gave me this bottle and she was using it for 2 years now. She has quite a long parting as well and I don’t know whether this is inherited by her or this is really hair problems.

This bottle is formulated with botanical ingredients for healthy hair, no wonder it smells like coconut to me. What I have here is a 140ml bottle and you are recommended to spray it on your parting/scalp 2 times a day, which I normally spray it once in the morning and once at night. Spray at least 5ml and massage your scalp gently.

You are supposed to keep this in cool and dry places, you cannot place them directly under light. Click here to check out their website if you think you have any hair problems. Usually I would use Dove hair rescue shampoo, I don’t use conditioner since it makes my hair drop a lot.

Why am I giving it 4 stars instead of 5? Because of the smell. It is really strong, it smells like coconut to me. If you buy it it might smell good to you or maybe acceptable for you. I don’t know, we are all different! But this smells like coconut to me and I don’t like it. [I’m sorry if I am being a little straight forward here!]

But overall, it works well for me, everything is going smoothly, my hair is getting thicker day by day. Buy this if you can!

The last product!

Avene UV Protection

2016 - 1

Ratings: 4/5 stars

This is actually a sunblock/ sunscreen to your face. I apply it everyday, even when I get out of bed. Your own light in your room, your kitchen, the sun can also give you UV. I find this really good but I think I bought the wrong one, I should be buying the orange coloured one because I don’t have sensitive skin.

What I have here is a 40ml bottle and they only said, apply a thin layer, every morning to the face and neck. That is literally what they stated there.

I recently lost my other facial sunblock and I told my mum to buy me another facial sunblock and she bought me this but I bet she didn’t really look at the small words that state ‘sensitive skin’ and I don’t!

Dear Mum,

If you are reading this blog post in whatever year, whatever month, whatever day or time, I just want you to know that I do not have sensitive skin. You should know your own daughter’s skin type. It’s very good, rarely got pimples since I’m born with it.

Lots of Love,

Your own daughter [ Cookie Mckenzie]

Overall, this is quite a good sunblock/sunscreen. Why did I rate another product 4/5 stars again is because, I got a pimple from it the day I applied it on my face. I had a pimple on my chin which is, horrible. I rarely have pimples from young, I really don’t know why.

If you wish to buy this product click here to buy it or if you want to buy any products from this brand click here to be redirected to that page.

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Love you!

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