8 Ways to get Skinny

If you are trying to lose weight but you don’t know how, then read this blog, it is perfect for you.

Weight is totally a very sensitive topic to girls, you don’t want people to call you a fat pig or a fat girl or any other names that it is related to the word ‘fat’ or ‘obese’ Nobody likes it unless you are a carefree person.

So the first tip on getting skinny is…

1. Drink Lots of Water


I would suggest you to drink at least a glass of water when you start your day and when you end your day, which doesn’t matter. I don’t know why but it works for some people.

Cut down on the sugary drinks or alcoholic drinks, it does not satisfy hunger and won’t make you any skinnier  as those drinks I have mentioned earlier will only add empty calories to your body.

What I would suggest another tip for drinking water is drink 2 glasses of water before every meal so that you would not overeat that much.

2. Eat food with fiber



That is yogurt

If you eat a bowl or cereal everyday, why not swapping with a bowl of oatmeal? It benefits you! I don’t like oatmeal, it makes me feel like gagging. So instead of eating oatmeal, I eat fat-free or low-fat yogurt! I just love yogurt!

Having lots of fiber in your body helps you feel fuller than usual, sometimes I eat wholemeal bread as that makes me feel fuller than other days.

3. Do not eat dairy food!


No cheese, no milk, no dairy products.

I’m a cheese lover, for some reason, but I try to limit myself by eating cheese or milk once a month. Crazy right?

Dairy and milk are called carbohydrates and it causes bloating even though it is good for you! Most of the time, it would bloat around your stomach which is the most visible part of your body. They will also leave you even hungrier every time you eat them and if you can’t stop yourself or just can’t resist, you might end up getting fat and I’m sure you don’t want that if you are reading this blog post.

Milk is a healthy choice but if you have lactose intolerance or allergies, then it willl cause bloating. But if you are totally fine, you are a healthy human being then milk is perfectly fine for you.

4. Leave dessert island!


If you want to be skinny, then no ice-cream or any other desserts!

Desserts adds extra calories to your body when you are full AND it would also bloat you. If you are a sweet tooth person, just like me, then why not eating dark chocolate. Surprisingly, dark chocolate is good for you. I don’t like dark chocolate though, so I would eat apples or watermelon, just a slice. Watermelon is sweet but it is cooling so if you are having your period then just eat dark chocolate. If you are a man and you are reading this, ignore the word period, it means nothing to you.

Don’t go cafes or restaurants that will cause you to crave desserts, you might not resist yourself and end up eating desserts when you are not suppose to…

5. Slow yourself down


Don’t rush when you eat and chew like 7 to 10 times when you eat before swallowing your food down your throat. Your brain could tell you when to stop eating when you eat slower than usual.

And because of that, you know when to stop eating when you are satisfied.

6. Do some cardio exercising Unknown-4

Cardio exercising also includes…

1. Hill sprinting

2. Pole Dancing [Favourite!]

3. Stair sprinting

4. Sex [For some reason…]

5. Beach sprint

I think beach sprinting is the easiest of all these as you are running on a flat ground. Stair and Hill sprinting are on bumpy grounds but if you want to do that then, fine with me!

I don’t know why but sex is also a cardio exercise, according to my Science teacher, If you are a sexual person, which I am totally not but I don’t judge, then this is the best for you, definitely.

Pole Dancing is my favourite, you just dance around the pole, climb up and down with some music. I think this is the best. But if you want to do this you have to do some stretching and splits in order to do this.

7. Do interval training

 This is a practice of alternating short bursts of intense activity with intervals of less intense activity as you’re working out. It also helps to burn more calories when you work out.

Example of interval training, you run fast for 5 minutes, and you run slower for the next 5 minutes, and you run fast again for 5 minutes and repeat the cycle.

Interval training improves cardiovascular fitness and also increases the body’s ability to burn fat.

8. Walk


Taking stairs will also help you to lose calories. If you could take the stairs everyday without taking the lift, without realising you could lose up to 400 calories.

Another tip is if you own a car, park it at least 1 kilometre away from your working place or home if you wish to. So when you knock off from work, you could get your car by walking and at the same time losing calories.

I really hope these tips could help you lose weight or something else, if you are losing weight, just pick up a few ways from here. These tips are not guaranteed that it would work, but most likely it will.

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