Introduction to my Blog


Hello guys! So actually, I have decided to switch my blogs from Blogger to WordPress because I think WordPress is better than Blogger but I still have to learn a bit more though.

I love fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I love these three things because it kind of suits me. I think fashion is a very open area, maybe you can wrap toliet paper around yourself, it’s fashion too. It’s like art to me, art is anything and so is fashion.

Beauty is the number one thing most girls need, so why not add my blog and read my blog, comment and stuff like that. I know my blog designing really sucks right now but i doesn’t matter as the time goes by, it would be professional.


I’m a life girl. If you don’t like to live, you are just lying to yourself. Try to die, I bet you are scared. I will be posting some food related post like, ratings of restaurants, baking and others.

I have a sub page called diary, which means it is under life, I would just write my blog like it is totally like a diary but it is just in a website form.

Some facts about me!

1. I’m a 12 year old girl

2. I love literature, especially Romeo and Juliet

3. I have a Youtube Channel: Cookie Mckenzie

4. Cookie Eleanor Mckenzie is NOT my real name

5. I don’t know why but I am searching for love, even on Snapchat.

So this is a little bit of an intro for my blog or website you would like to call it.

Follow me on these apps!

Snapchat: @msmckenzie69

Vine: Cookie Mckenzie

Other apps are linked on my page!

By the way, I am looking for an active, good looking, not obsessed with sex, between the age of 14 and 18 boyfriend on Snapchat!


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